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WORKSHOP  17 –  20/2/09

Ve spolupráci s Francouzským Institutem, Les Flatiques „Music Platform“  a  Music City

HENTAI CORPORATION ( vítěz Skutečná liga 2008)

Lektor : Jean-Pierre MATHIEU (Sound engineer)


In 1987 Jean-Pierre Mathieu studies at the School of audit engineering and does his first steps with English bands. Back inFrance in 1992, he spends a short time in Treponem Pal, then he creates the band Naked Apes, with two albums. At the same time, he is sound engineer in Théâtre Jean Vilar, then sound engineer at Le Studio since 1997.
At Le Studio, Jean-Pierre Mathieu is in charge of the workshops about sound. He also participates with the voice teachers to follow the artists when they prepare new albums. ( collaboration also with: La Phaze, Killing Joke,  etc…)


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