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Move association s.r.o. is a private company ceated in 2008. Its activities are orientated in concerts and events productions, organization of Move festival and workshops for young czech artists.

With its experience in development of projects and with its network of european partners, Move participates also to other czech and european projects: competition Skutecna Liga, Magic Mirrors, Europavox festival, East to West.

One of the main partner of Move is the french music productions agency Gato Loco Production.

Jaroslav RAUSER


Musician, he is the drummer of the legendary band STP (Soubor tradicniho popu) with Petr Stanko and Jaroslav Sadilek.

Co-creator of some projects as Euroconnections or Entermultimédiale, Jaroslav Raušer is one of the foundator (1991) and the Director till 2006 of the venue Palac Akropolis.

Teacher in the university of dramatic arts during 5 years, he is offenly invited to participate to european meetings  (Paris, Varsovie, Bourges, Berlin, Budapest) about questions of music development ans artistic mobility.

In 2008, he creates his own company: Move.

Fernando LADEIRO-MARQUES (Paris)


Co-creator of Move festival and Euroconnections, he creates in 1990 Gato Loco Productions.

He is since 15  years the Director of communication of festival Printemps de Bourges.

He is also the creator of many other projects in Europe: Festival ROCK POP (Bratislava – 1993/1998 ), Festival BAM (Barcelone – 1993/1996 ), Festival GREEN ENERGY (Dublin – 1996/1998), EUROPEAN MUSIC TOUR(Bratislava, Madrid, Dublin, Copenhague – 1996/1998), EUROCONNECTIONS (Prague, Berlin, Budapest, Kiev, Bratislava, Varsovie, Sarajevo…- 1998/2008), JOUR DE FÊTE (Bruxelles – 2000 ), Festival COSMOPOLIS (Lisbonne, 2000/2008), Festival MOVE (Prague – 2005/2008), Festival EUROPAVOX (Clermont-Ferrand – 2006/ 2008), EAST TO WEST (2008).


Zdeněk Šťáva


technical production


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