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EAST TO WEST / EuroConnections

19.10. + 23.10.

Magic Mirrors Prague

East to West is a project leaded by Gato Loco Productions (F) to support cultural exchanges between countries. In the continuity of Euroconnections, that we already created together in 1998, we organise, in frame of 10 years of Euroconnections, this concert of Wax Tailor (F) and Watcha Clan (F). The czech artists who participate in project: SUNFLOWER CARAVAN, LE PNEUMATIQ,, MAGNETIK, BERNHARDSHUR (Au).
Project leaded in Prague in cooperation with Le Flatiques, Franch Institute, Palac Akropolis, NSEF, Magic Mirrors

27.11. Palac Akropolis

Watcha Clan


Zanechat Odpověď

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